Splice connectors for PV systems from Amphenol

Adaptable and easy to use

Amphenol's RadCrimp splice connector offers a durable, affordable and easy-to-install solution for various solar applications, including PV installations, field repairs and retrofits. A key advantage of this connector is its adaptability and ease of use. Special crimping tools are not necessary and it can be easily installed on site.
Driven by the growing demand for renewable energy, photovoltaic (PV) systems play a crucial role in the transition to clean energy sources: from 2000 to 2022, the share of renewable energy in gross electricity consumption increased by over 46 percent. However, solar technology brings with it specific requirements that are placed on connection solutions such as splice connectors.

A solar splice connector must meet the high demands of durability, robustness and flexibility to ensure long-term performance and efficiency. PV systems are often installed in extreme conditions, whether in remote areas with difficult terrain or in regions with adverse weather conditions. A reliable solar splice connector must be able to withstand these stresses and ensure a stable connection to minimise failures and service interruptions.

Splice connections are therefore required that are not only reliable, but also adaptable and robust. The partnership between Amphenol and Melni Technologies, which has led to the development of the RadCrimp solar splice connector, addresses precisely these requirements. Utilising Melni's proven double spiral technology, the RadCrimp connector provides a durable, robust and versatile solution to the challenges associated with solar connections. As a result, this innovative technology contributes to the further spread and increased efficiency of solar technology: With a current carrying capacity of 30A for 10AWG cables, the Radcrimp meets the requirements for reliable performance in various solar applications. The IP68 sealing protection ensures additional protection against environmental influences and makes the connector ideal for outdoor use. The splice connector is UL6703 certified for 1500V DC.

Installing the RadCrimp is quick and easy: strip the PV wires or cables, insert them into the connector and tighten the end caps to the specified torque. This reduces installation errors and improves the overall reliability of the solar installation. The connector is also uniformly designed to avoid incompatibility risks with connectors from different manufacturers.

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