Increasing complexity and integration density in medical devices

zero8 from ept was designed for high demands in medical technology

The demands on connectors in medical technology are increasing - and the Zero8 product family from ept GmbH is designed for this: High mating cycles, compact design, high number of poles and secure locking - as well as transmitting high voltages in combination with high pulse currents.

Medical imaging systems such as CT scanners, MRI devices and digital X-ray machines process up to 20 Gbit/s of image data in real time. Surgical robotics also requires real-time data transmission between the surgeon's console and the robotic system. High-resolution endoscopy, implantable devices and patient monitoring systems are other fields that rely on fast data transmission, but also emphasise EMC design aspects for interference immunity and patient safety.

Signal integrity plays a decisive role here: constant currents and accurate data are essential to ensure the functional safety, reliability and efficiency of the devices. High bit rates, sometimes over long distances, can affect the signals so severely in the event of interference such as noise, coupling losses or distortion that errors occur and devices fail.
As the complexity and integration density in medical devices continues to increase, the demands on board-to-board connectors as a bridge between the circuit boards are immensely high. The devices are subjected to vibrations and shocks in a wide variety of locations. Contact reliability, robustness, data transmission and EMC shielding are the cornerstones of mechanical device design for hardware developers.

The Zero8 product family is designed for these high demands in medical technology and, with its high scalability, offers ideal customisation to individual requirements - designs, stacking height and number of poles can be selected individually. Sockets and connectors are currently available in mid-profile and low-profile designs; in future, there will also be high-profile and angled versions. Thanks to the different heights, Zero8 can be used to realise PCB spacings from 6.00 mm to 21.00 mm, and the number of poles can be varied between 12 and 80. For shielding purposes, both sides of the connector pair can be selected with protection. All Zero8 connectors are compatible with each other and can be freely combined.

The video​​​​​​​ introduces the Zero8 - and further information on this and all other ept connectors is available from the Euroconnectors team.

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