Crimp contacts SD 10A from Ilme

Economic and time benefits thanks to punched crimp contacts

In the fully automatic mass processing of connectors, stamped crimp contacts on tape and reel offer a clear economic and time advantage over conventional crimp contacts. The punched SD 10A crimp contacts from ILME are available on rolls with a capacity of 5,000 contacts and compatibility with 10A contact inserts. This significantly speeds up the assembly of these high-pole connectors. The connector contacts are suitable for the CD, CDD, CQ and CX contact inserts as well as the MIXO modules CX 12 D, CX 17 D, CX 42 D and many more. They are available in two versions for 0.34 to 1 mm² and 1.5 to 2.5 mm² and optionally also as loose contacts in packs of 200. They offer almost the same electrical performance as comparable 10A standard contacts and high-quality silver coating for up to 500 mating cycles.

During crimping, the conductor and connecting element are joined together by a pressing process. This creates a homogeneous, non-detachable connection that can withstand even high mechanical loads - provided that crimping is carried out correctly. However, if crimping is not carried out correctly, the contact resistance increases, the transmission capacity of the cable decreases and, at the same time, increased heat is generated. The most common errors when crimping include, for example, too little or too much crimping force, the wrong crimp sleeve, damage to the wire during crimping, incorrect alignment of the crimping tool and much more.
This video shows the crimping of the coil with the Ilme Sipzc W crimping tool for the 5A SI coil contacts.
If you have any questions about crimping connectors or assembling complete cable harnesses, our team at Euroconnectors will be happy to advise you.

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