Modular connector system for high-speed applications

Velox from ept meets the Vita 46 standard

The Velox connector system from ept GmbH complies with the Vita 46 standard and is a modular connector system for high-speed backplane applications designed specifically for markets with very high performance requirements. Vita 46 - also known as VPX - is a standard for the development of electronic assemblies in military and aerospace applications that defines interfaces for high data transfer rates in embedded systems. Vita 46 is the basis of the Open VPX. It defines the mechanical and electrical interfaces for modules that can be installed in a modular, expandable system. The benefits of VPX are interoperability, modularity and easier replacement of components, making it easier to maintain and upgrade systems in these demanding environments. The interfaces defined by VPX enable high data transfer rates, especially over fast serial connections such as PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) and RapidIO. This provides faster communication between modules and helps improve overall system performance.

The Velox high-speed connector enables data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s and is available in four different types with the option of custom assembly, giving designers more flexibility in designing PCB layouts. The 1.27 µm thick gold surface also ensures a long service life. The connector offers a robust design that can withstand harsh operating conditions and is rated for at least 200 mating cycles. Applications include aerospace, military, heavy-duty systems, and telecommunications and data transmission with high speed and ruggedness requirements.

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