Car-charging without long waiting time

Connectors from Harting accelerate charging

Long charging times still deter many car owners from switching to an electric vehicle. However, fast charging technology with the DC charging connector (combo) offers the possibility of supplying vehicles with sufficient power not in hours, but in a few minutes. For example, the HARTING Technology Group's charging connectors cover the portfolio for the Combo Type-2 charging interface standard for fast DC charging with a charging power of 200 kW that applies in Europe, with approvals and certificates for all specific markets and legal requirements worldwide.

With the help of CCS plugs (Combined Charging System), it is possible to combine AC charging (e.g. at the wallbox at home) and DC fast charging. They are therefore often found on DC fast charging points (DC/HPC), such as those found on motorways and in charging parks, which connect the point to the car. HPC fast charging columns provide charging capacities of 50 to 350 kW, depending on the dimensioning. Charging columns with 450 kW and more have been announced. The power used depends on the technology installed in the respective car, the current state of its battery and the current occupancy of the charging stations at the location.

Monitoring the contact temperature is particularly important for fast charging systems. The temperature rise must not exceed 50 °C at the contacts. If the plug becomes too hot, the CCS plug therefore stops the charging process.
In the video Harting compares AC and DC charging solutions. And if you want to find out more about electric vehicle charging interfaces and technologies, your competent Euroconnectors contact will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information.

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