Disconnection under high load with direct current

ArcZero technology from Phoenix Contact

With direct current, the risk of sparking when disconnecting under load is higher than with alternating current. DC connectors with ArcZero technology from Phoenix Contact provide safe and reliable protection against dangerous arcing. In the event of maintenance, devices can also be replaced under load.

Direct current offers a number of advantages over alternating current - including simple storage options, efficient transportation, better efficiency and simple installation. However, one of the disadvantages of DC is that the current still jumps when disconnected under high load. This is because direct current has a constant current flow, whereas alternating current has a periodic current flow. With alternating current, the current flow is interrupted during the zero crossings, which reduces sparking. Disconnecting a 16kW/800V line under load is life-threatening without a protective device. With the ArcZero connector from Phoenix Contact, this is now possible without any problems. The special feature is inside the DC connector. Innovative electronics built directly into the connector actively extinguish the arc. Thanks to the safe connection and disconnection under load, selected system parts can be safely switched off, for example to replace parts or during maintenance, while the system remains in operation. Thanks to this high availability, downtimes are a thing of the past.

With protection ratings up to IP69, high impact resistance up to IK08 and long-term outdoor suitability, the connector can demonstrate its strengths in many areas of application. Operation remains intuitively simple. No tools are required as there are no buttons or switches to operate. The large number of possible mating cycles ensures particular cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

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