Configuration of image processing inspections in 3D

Visionary T-Mini AP camera from Sick

The Visionary-T Mini AP from SICK is a cost-effective 3D machine vision solution for logistics, robotics or industrial vehicles that is very easy to configure. By combining the Visionary-T Mini AP camera with the Sick Nova 3D Presence Inspection SensorApp, the configuration of machine vision inspections in 3D is now possible in a single snapshot.

The camera uses time-of-flight snapshot technology for detailed environment detection at high production speeds. It captures both the 3D depth and 2D intensity values of each pixel with exceptional resolution (512×424 px) in a single light beam and at up to 30 3D images per second.

With their simple operation and high data quality, the compact 3D snapshot cameras are therefore the answer to almost all industrial 3D machine vision requirements. Thanks to 3D time-of-flight technology, every pixel delivers the most accurate depth and intensity data. The camera captures the environment extremely reliably, even with strong light/dark contrast and a wide distance range, and its very short image recording time enables precise data to be captured even from moving objects. A clear configuration tool is used for simple parameterization and flexible, application-specific adaptation of the data.

Common 3D inspection tasks in factory automation and logistics, such as completeness checks, fill level checks or palletizing by robots, can be set up quickly and cost-effectively on the Visionary-T Mini AP camera using the Sick Nova 3D Presence Inspection SensorApp. The user selects the required 3D image processing tools via a simple graphical user interface and immediately the Visionary-T Mini AP camera delivers reliable inspection results via I/O to the machine controller or via TCP/IP.

The Sick Nova Presence Inspection App has a toolset of common 3D vision tools to easily handle tasks such as empty container, bin and crate inspection, presence detection of objects in 3D scenes as well as simple measurements and quality tolerance checks.

With Sick Nova Presence Inspection on the Visionary-T Mini, the position, height and volume of any package can be determined so that it can be picked up by a robot and placed in a container or pallet, for example. The Visionary-T Mini's 3D snapshot technology can also be used for continuous 3D fill level monitoring, for example to determine whether containers are empty, full, full or overfilled, or to measure the presence of parts in a container or the presence of ingredients in a jar.

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